Let's keep things simple

How to setup Wake on Lan over internet

As you may know I have some homelab server, but I don't need it working 24/7. I just want have access to it when I need it and power off it all other time to save power.

Best way to wake up server is Wake-on-lan, but my server is behind my router and it didn't work over internet.

How to configure Hairpin NAT on Mikrotik

Every time you configure DNat on any router you're unable to connect to server via external hostname or IP from internal network.

To solve this issue we need configure HairPin on our router. In my case it's Mikrotik hAP AC.

How to monitor server and Docker using Grafana

Now we have WordPress site, docker with nice UI and Proxmox for virtualization. Let's do some monitoring for all this stuff.
I choose Prometheus + Node exporter + IPMI exporter as server side monitoring solution with Cadvisor for containers monitoring and Grafana as data display.
There are many different dashboards on their site that is very simple to import.

How to encrypt Proxmox UI with LetsEncrypt and Docker

We have docker on host system with nginx-proxy and can everything secure with SSL, but it works only with containers.
For sure we can setup LetsEncrypt on host system, but I choose docker way :)

How to install WordPress on Docker

Let's create container for WordPress that will host our site and protected by SSL.

How to install Nginx with SSL on Docker and encrypt running containers

Now lets encrypt our sites with free SSL certificate. We need nginx proxy with letsencrypt companion that will automatically generate/renew SSL certificates for our sites, proxy requests from outside to docker containers. More details about nginx-proxy on docker hub.

How to install Proxmox VE on soft RAID with Docker and Docker UI

What we need:
  1. As Proxmox doesn't support mdadm we need Debian stretch netinstall. Configure root volume as RAID10 (mdadm) + LVM (name pve).